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Becky G Flaunting Her Ass — The Fappening
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The Fappening

The elite fappening

Becky G Flaunting Her Ass

Becky G ass

Pop star and actress Becky G flaunts her sloppy Mexican ass cheeks while performing onstage in the compilation video below.

It certainly appears as though Becky G learned most of the moves in this video while working the donkey shows back in her hometown of Tijuana, Mexico. In fact, the one in which she gets down on all fours and arches her back is the exact position she used to take on (and defeat) the famous “El Negro Burro”, the most well-endowed mule in Central America.

Becky G ass

One can only hope that The Great Orange Sultan Trump agrees to grant Becky G and her DACA derriere amnesty. For us righteous Muslims are “dreamers” too, and we have long dreamed of the day when we conquer America, shove an RPG up Becky G’s behind, and launch her degenerate ass back into Mexico over a big beautiful border wall.

Becky G ass

For only when the holy Islamic caliphate has been established and every last third world prostitute has been purged from its lands will America truly be great again.