Lauren Summer Nude Assaults Continue

Lauren Summer nude

Model Lauren Summer’s nude sexual predatory behavior continues as she appears to force a co-worker to munch on her moist baby box in the startling behind-the-scenes video below.

If you missed it, yesterday we posted footage of Lauren demanding that an assistant slap her bare boobies, and now we see that her pattern of abusive conduct is only getting worse… To add insult to injury Lauren also appears to be taunting us pious Muslim men by shamelessly showcasing her naked body in front of the entrance to a cave.


Lauren Summer Lauren Summer Lauren Summer
Lauren Summer Lauren Summer Lauren Summer

To you better believe that if Lauren tried to flaunt her breasts in front of a red-blooded Muslim man’s cave, he’d drag her inside and give her titties a furious tongue lashing… Then really teach her a lesson by stretching her sex holes into a greater cavernous expanse than Tora Bora with his massive meat scud.

Author: the fappening